Handlebar Doc Targets
Steel targets - All at an affordable price

-Simple Sniper Target
(AR-500 Steel)
This target is made to withstand larger rifle power.
This target is priced so high because of the heavy duty AR-500 steel.
All branches of military have shot this target with military grade rifles.

(shipping not included)
 -Sniper Hangman Target
(AR-500 Steel)
This target is a also made to withstand a larger rifle power.
It will stand the hit of most all rifles with the exception of a 50 Caliber rifle (at close ranges)
The target's head and body swing independently, therefore, allowing you to notice the impact of the bullet better.
This target is also shot by all branches of the military with their rifles and their loads.  Therefore, the target is safe for most all rounds.

(shipping not included)

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